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The best weight belt for freediving

A good freediving weight belt should stay firmly on your hips, hold your weights in place and be easy to release one-handed.
  • Stays firmly on your hips
    The best freediving weight belts are made of stretchy silicone. The stretchier the material, the better it will stick to your hips rather than riding up to your waist as soon as you turn upside down. Choose silicone over ordinary rubber, and steer clear of canvas.
  • Holds your weights
    Your weights should not slide around on your belt. Both silicone and rubber do a good job of this, and again, steer clear of canvas.
  • Buckle doesn't accidentally come undone
    The clip style of buckle easily releases accidentally. Instead, choose a "Marseilles" style buckle with a metal pin that goes through a hole.
  • Easy to release one-handed
    You should be able to reach down and, without looking, release your weight belt with one hand, like you would in an emergency. Marseilles-style buckles work well for this.
Budget pick: Fins and Foam weightbelt
The Fins and Foam belt is made of very stretchy silicone which stretches tight over your hips and stays there. It holds weights without shifting, and has a Marseilles buckle for quick one-handed release.
Upgrade pick: the Alchemy 5mm belt
Alchemy belts are made of the stretchiest silicone which stays tight on your hips. They holds weights without shifting and have a Marseilles buckle for quick one-handed release.
Classic pick: the Rob Allen rubber belt
The original style of Marseilles weight belt. Made of heavy rubber, these belts don't stretch over your hips as well as the newer silicone belts, but they are very durable.