Freediving Level 3 (Advanced)

This class runs from 9am to 3pm every Saturday at San Carlos beach in Monterey. You don't have to book dates for this class - just let us know when you want to attend.

You can join this class once you have completed your Level 2 class, or if you have an equivalent Level 2 agency certification (like AIDA 2, Molchanovs Wave 2 or PADI Advanced Freediver).

This class is designed to be repeated regularly over the course of several months. You will learn about a variety of advanced topics like mouthfill, half empty lung dives and freefall, and get comfortable at 70 feet, not just diving to this depth, but increasing your bottom time there, and even performing rescues from this depth.

The training you do in this class prepares you to dive comfortably to 30m, 40m and beyond, to attend depth training camps, and enter freediving competitions. You can complete most of your challenges for AIDA 4 (Assistant Instructor), and even many AIDA Instructor challenges, in this class.

If you are working towards an AIDA 3 (Advanced) certification, the key challenges are a dive to 21m and a rescue from 10m. Most people work towards completing these challenges over several classes.

Class size is variable, with maximum 3 people per buoy.