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Freedive every Sunday at beautiful Lake Berryessa in the heart of California wine country.

Our weekly classes are designed for everyone from certified beginners to advanced freedivers. Build upon what you learned in your Beginner Class, or deepen your practice at your own pace.

$49 - 129 pm
Learn to freedive! This class provides a complete introduction to freediving, including breathing techniques, safety training and certification.

This class is all you need to join our Freedive Studio or Special Classes.

A comprehensive introduction to freediving for serious students focused on performance.

Provides all the materials, knowledge and training for you to achieve AIDA 2 certification.

Includes an evening class, a confined water class, and four open water sessions. All AIDA materials and certification fees are included.

Dive into spearfishing with this introductory class! Build on your freediving ability to learn underwater hunting skills, speargun loading and rigging, fish filleting, and species-specific regulations. Class will end by bringing your catch to a local restaurant to enjoy a meal you sourced straight from the ocean.


Learn to freedive off the coast of California. Dive into kelp forests and watch the sunlight filter down to the sea floor. Meet friendly otters, playful seals and curious sea lions.

$150+ pp

Become an AIDA Freediving Instructor, certified to teach freediving anywhere in the world.

Get certified as an AIDA Competition Depth Safety, the highest level of safety certification in the AIDA system. Help run competitions locally, and get paid to visit exotic destinations as part of the safety team for freediving competitions around the world.

Help build the Bay Area freediving community's ability to run local competitions by becoming an official AIDA freediving Judge. Get certified to judge at competitions all around the world.