Choosing your size

Measure the length and width of your feet in millimeters, then check your fit in the chart below.
Sizing Tips
  • Measure the width of your feet at the widest part
  • Include your socks
    If you are planning to wear a particular pair of socks, make sure to add twice the sock thickness to your length and width measurements. For instance, if you will wear 3mm socks, add 6mm to both your length and width.
  • If you are in the yellow zone...
    If your length and width are in the yellow zone ("snug fit"), you can still choose this size, but check your measurements carefully to make sure you are not in the red. A snug fit is actually a good thing because the footpocket will transfer 100% of your kicking power to the fin.
  • If you are in the orange zone...
    If your length and width are in the orange zone ("loose fit"), you can add socks (1, 2 or 3mm) to improve the fit.
  • If you are in the red zone...
    No footpocket size will be a good fit.
  • Long narrow feet?
    If you have very long feet that are on the narrow side, pay special attention to the Fit Chart. Our largest footpockets tend to run wide and may not be right for you.