The best wetsuits for freediving in cold water
Yamamoto neoprene
Our wetsuits are made from Yamamoto neoprene, the industry's gold standard for flexibility and warmth.

Flexibility means you can take full breaths, enter and exit the suit easily, and go a size down, getting a watertight fit without compromising ease of movement.

Yamamoto's neoprene is made from limestone, the most environmentally friendly source material.
Open cell technology
The millions of open cells in our open cell neoprene act like tiny suction cups, sticking to your skin to keep cold water out.

Open cell neoprene is warmer than any other kind of neoprene.
Built for freediving
Our wetsuits feature:

Watertight seals around face, wrists and ankles

Super-stretch nylon

Knee, elbow and chest pads

High waisted bottoms which keep you warm while still allowing you to take a full breath

Choosing your size

Use the size charts below to choose your size. Choose a size that fits you snugly, because high quality neoprene will stretch and mold to your body. The formula for staying warm in cold water is:
high quality neoprene + a snug fit.
Sizing Tips
  • Measure yourself
    Measure yourself around the fullest part of your chest, the narrowest part of your waist, and the widest part of your hips. If you don't have a tape measure, you can get one from Amazon for $3.

    Check your measurements against the size charts. The most important measurements are your chest and waist. The least important measurement is your height. It doesn't matter if a wetsuit is a bit short in the arms and legs, because your gloves and booties will keep your wrists and ankles warm.

    If you are between sizes, go with the lower size, because high quality neoprene will stretch to accommodate your body shape, and a tight wetsuit will keep you warmer than a loose one.

    A wetsuit should fit like leggings, not jeans.
  • Standard sizes aren't right for everyone
    If your measurements differ wildly from those on the charts, consider getting a custom wetsuit. Some excellent custom wetsuit makers are Elios, Polosub and Hi. A snug fit everywhere is important for staying warm.

Wetsuit FAQs