Beginner Class

Learn to freedive! This class provides a complete introduction to freediving.
In this class you will learn...
Learn the secrets freedivers use to hold their breath for over 3 minutes.
Learn about the pressure water puts on the airspaces in our body, and how to deal with it. Dive down without any pain in your ears.
Learn to put yourself in a state of deep mental and physical relaxation.
Get thorough training in the principles and practice of freediving safety, including the buddy system and underwater rescue.
Class Timing

The Beginner Class consists of a land class followed by a water class.
Land Class
Land Class
When: Wednesday evening, 6-9pm.
Where: Online (via Google Meet).
Bring: Any freediving gear you own already.
Water Class
Water Class
When: Saturday afternoon, 2-6pm.
Where: Miwok Aquatic Center in Marin.
Bring: Swimmers, towel, sunscreen, water, and any freediving gear you own already.
You can book your land and water classes in the same week, or in different weeks - whatever works best for you.

The water class takes place in the Bay Area's deepest pool. With crystal clear, 85 degree water and 16 feet of depth, you'll learn the fundamental skills of freediving in perfect conditions.
What's included?

  • All the gear you need for the water - mask / snorkel / fins / weightbelt / weights.
  • All learning materials.
  • Certification from AIDA, the worldwide governing body of freediving.

What's not included:

  • Wetsuits. A wetsuit is not required for the pool, but we recommend bringing one if you have one.
  • Food.
  • Transportation.
Purchasing your own gear

You don't need to purchase any gear to take this class - you can rent everything you need for the water class from us for free.

But if you would like to purchase gear to get started on your own freediving adventures, we recommend ordering it for pick up at your water class, so that you can try everything on for size there and swap anything you need to.

You can purchase everything you need to get started with freediving from the Fins and Foam Gear Shop.