Freediving Studio

Join our freediving studio! Classes are held every Sunday morning at beautiful Lake Berryessa in the heart of California wine country.

Our classes accommodate everyone from certified beginners to advanced freedivers. Build upon what you learned in your Beginner Class, or deepen your practice at your own pace.
Questions? Ask us anything.
Additional Benefits
Join pool classes
If you have just completed the Beginner Class, and would like some extra time to practice in the pool before coming to the lake, your membership entitles you to attend as many additional Pool Classes as you like.
Bring friends
Your studio membership comes with a free guest pass every week. Bring a (certified) friend.
Get AIDA certifications
Work towards higher AIDA safety certifications like Levels 2, 3 and 4, and get membership discounts when you complete them.
Train for spearfishing trips
Practice effortless entries, long freefalls and extended bottom time under expert supervision. Practice waiting patiently at 60-100 feet of depth for wahoo, mahi mahi and tuna to approach!
Lake Class Schedule
Lake classes take place weekly on Sunday morning.
Meet by the lake. Breathwork, stretching and land class.

10am - noon
10am - noon
Lunch at the Berryessa Gap Winery.
Located 15 minutes down the road from the lake, the Berryessa Gap winery is the perfect place for post-freedive food and drinks. Food trucks and live music complement their award-winning wines.
Higher Membership Tiers

Safety is one of of our core values at the Studio. You can get discounts on your membership if you have a higher level Safety Certification from AIDA (or, as an existing member, once you obtain them).
For freedivers with AIDA 2 certification.
$99 per month
For freedivers with AIDA 3 certification.
$79 per month
For freedivers with AIDA 4 certification.
$49 per month
Drop In Classes

Want to drop in to check it out, or spread some classes out over time? You can buy a single class or pack of classes.
1 class
For freedivers with AIDA 2+ certification.
10 classes
For freedivers with AIDA 2+ certification.
Our Values
Practice at your own pace
Our classes are designed to let you practice and make progress at your own pace. Not every dive has to be deeper than the last.
We follow worldwide best practices for freediving safety, and buddying & rescue training is a part of every class.
Freediving is a team sport. Community is built into our first rule of safety: never dive alone.