Freediving Level 4 (Master)

This class takes place in the calm, deep waters of Lake Berryessa. Visibility is typically good at depth and there are never any waves or current. It is the best place in Northern California to dive beyond 100 feet.

To join this class you should have graduated from your Level 3 classes, comfortable diving to, spending time on the bottom at, and performing a rescue from, 70 feet. You can also
join this class if you have a Level 3 agency certification, like AIDA 3 or Molchanovs Wave 3.

If you are working towards an AIDA 4 certification, the key challenges are a dive to 28m and a rescue from 20m. If you are working towards an AIDA Instructor certification, the key challenges are CWT and FIM dives to 35m and a rescue from 25m.
You can complete all of your open-water challenges for AIDA 4 and AIDA Instructor in this class.

We limit the class size to 3 students per instructor to make sure everyone gets enough dive time and attention.

You can reschedule at no charge, or get a full refund, up until a week before the start time of class.