Deep Camp

This three-day Deep Camp is being run by Johnny Sunnex, one of the world's deepest freedivers, world record coach, founder of Blue Element Freediving, and former head of safety at Vertical Blue.

This camp takes place in the calm, deep waters of Lake Berryessa. Visibility is typically good at depth and there are never any waves or current. It is the best place in Northern California to dive deeper than 100 feet.

The camp runs over three days, starting on the afternoon of Friday Oct 13, and running through the afternoon of Sunday Oct 15.

We limit this camp to 12 students overall, and 3 students per instructor, to make sure everyone gets enough dive time and attention.


This camp runs over three days, from Friday 10/13 to Sunday 10/15.

Friday October 13
4.00pm Meet at the lake; light body stretching
4.15pm Depth session 1
6.30pm Finish
7.30pm Group Dinner

Saturday October 14
8.30am Thoracic stretch, Light body stretch, Theory
9.19am Ring Solar Eclipse
10.00am Leave for Lake
10.30am Depth session 2 begins (1.5 hours)
12.00pm Leave lake for lunch
2.45pm Pool session at Winters
4.30pm Finish
6.30pm Group Dinner

Sunday October 15
8.30am Thoracic stretch, Light body stretch, Visualisations
10.00am Leave for Lake
10.30am Depth session 3 begins (1.5 hours)
12.00pm Rest
12.30pm Depth Session 4 Begins (1.5 hours)
2.30pm Finish- Group Lunch


This camp focuses on depth, not certification challenges. The goal is for you to progress your depth comfortably and at your own pace, working on whatever is holding you back.

However, if you would like to complete challenges for an AIDA certification during the camp and have them signed off by an instructor, you can do so. There is no extra charge for this, and AIDA 2, 3 and 4 certifications are available.

Depth and dynamic challenges
These you can complete during the normal course of the camp.

Non-depth open water challenges
We will have a special Certification Buoy set up where you can demonstrate open-water challenges, like the loss of mask, leg cramp, and rescue, to an Instructor and get them signed off. We recommend doing this during a natural break in your diving for depth, which should be your focus during the camp.

Theory requirement
You should read the manual for the AIDA level you are working towards before the camp, and email back your answers to The manuals for AIDA 2, 3 and especially 4 make great preparation for the camp, so we recommend everyone to read (or re-read) them, regardless of whether you are working towards a certification. You can find the AIDA manuals here:

Static challenge
You may have an opportunity to be coached through this at the camp, if time permits, but if not, you should demonstrate your static to an AIDA Instructor at Fins & Foam before or after the camp. There is no extra charge for this.

You can see a full list of AIDA certification requirements here. Note that the depths are sometimes lower than those listed on the Course Completion forms due to AIDA's adjustments for water "colder than 12C at a depth of 10m or below". The depths we have listed are correct.


  • You can get a full refund up until 1 week before the start of the camp.
  • You can get a 50% refund up until 72 hours before the start of the camp.
  • You cannot get a refund within 72 hours of the start of the camp. This includes all medical reasons (congestion, covid, surgeries, etc) as well as all non-medical reasons.

We have to have this policy because instructors are booked in advance and we keep buoy sizes so small (max 3 students per instructor) to make sure everyone gets enough dive time and attention. If you would prefer not to take the financial risk associated with cancelling within the 1-week period, you can purchase a flexible cancellation policy.