1. Online Learning
Self study and learn about ethical hunting strategies for spearfishing. Building on your freediving education, you'll learn how to be a safe and effective hunter and gain specific knowledge on reef and kelp environments; species identification; regulation and hunting techniques.

2. Ocean Day
Meet your instructor on the beach and practice speargun loading and rigging. Then jump in the ocean for several hours of spearfishing where you'll get real time feedback and demonstration from your instructor.

3. Clean and Cook!
Exit the water with your team and learn knife skills for cleaning and prepping your fish. We'll change and head to our local partner restaurant, Wild Fish, that specializes in ocean to table seafood. Relax and enjoy as a top tier chef makes an incredible meal out of our daily catch which we'll enjoy together to celebrate.

You must be a certified Freediver to join this class. This ensures you know how to freedive safely and take care of your buddy, and also that you have the foundational skills to be able to spearfish successfully. A Fins and Foam "Freediving Level 1" class, or any equivalent certification (AIDA 1, Molchanovs Wave 1, etc), suffices.

You can get a full refund, or reschedule at no charge, up until a week before the start time of class.