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Learn to freedive! You don't need any experience to get started. You don't need to be athletic or a strong swimmer. The emphasis is on safety and pushing back your limits at your own pace.

If you are new to freediving, start by booking a Level 0 (Introduction) class. This is an interactive, small-group evening class where you will learn exactly what gear you need; pass a safety exam; and practice holding your breath and equalizing your ears. You will also have a chance to ask all your questions. You must take this class before you join an ocean class.
  • John Prins
    Instructor, Fins and Foam Freediving
    Do you have freediving experience (eg, through spearfishing), but haven't taken a class before? Start with Level 0, because it gives you the formal grounding in safety, breath-holding and equalization, then you can skip to Level 2.
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Once you have taken a Level 0 class, book a Level 1 ocean class. Or you can book both together if you like. We recommend leaving about 2 weeks in between, to allow time to practice the skills you learned in Level 0, but it is ok to book them for the same week - or more than 2 weeks apart - if that works best for your schedule.
Highlights of our classes
3:1 instructor-student ratio
We keep our Beginner and Intermediate ocean classes very small so you get lots of dive time and attention.
4 hours of ocean time

All of our ocean classes include 4 hours of ocean time.
5 star reviews

Our classes have all five star reviews on Google Maps and Yelp.
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You can book Level 2 for the next Saturday after Level 1 - you don't need to leave multiple weeks in between.
Level 3 class is designed to be joined regularly. The topics and drills vary week by week. It is also designed to let you make progress and work through certification levels (AIDA 2, 3 or 4) at your own pace.
Level 4 is the highest level recreational course we offer, and only takes place occasionally. Don't jump straight into this class - master Level 3 first!
Special Classes
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