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If you are ordering gear to pick up at a Fins and Foam dive day, you can try on and exchange or return anything before getting in the water.
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Professional-grade freediving gear from the same manufacturers as the best-known brands. No logos, no markups.
  • Curated
    We test gear from around the world in some of the harshest conditions on earth - namely, a Northern California freediver's typical weekend :)
  • Direct from factories
    We track down the factories that make the gear we like and buy directly from them.
    100% of the money goes to the factory - no middlemen.
  • No markups
    Our prices are low because we cut out all the middlemen - dive shops, "exclusive distributors" and brands.


Complete Freediving Starter Kit

From Zero to Hero!
A complete freedive kit.
Includes everything you need to get started:
Please note: the next shipments of our wetsuits will arrive in mid-April (for men's cuts) and end of April (for women's cuts).
Note that the Starter Kit does not include weights. 99% of the cost of weights is shipping so I recommend you buy what you need directly (usually 14-16 lbs, eg four of these) from somewhere with free shipping like Amazon Prime.
  • John Prins
    Instructor, Fins and Foam Freediving
    We spend hundreds of hours testing gear from around the world in the ocean, then track down the factories that make it and buy direct from them. We only order great-value gear that we love and use ourselves. You'll see us wearing this gear every weekend for our own teaching, foraging and training.

Complete buoy setup

Buoy + setup
A complete freediving and spearfishing buoy setup for Northern California.
Wet or dry
Includes everything you need to forage, host line diving sessions, or just float around exploring the ocean:

  • Buoy with a mesh bottom, strong handles and multiple D-rings
  • 100 feet of diamond-braided polypropylene rope (for anchoring and line diving)
  • Net (for holding a bottom weight and keeping ropes neat)
  • Whistle (for safety)
  • Octopus-style aluminum pulley (for easily lifting bottom weights and anchors)
  • Jumbo carabiner (to easily operate the pulley)
  • Lanyard (for safety during deep dives)
  • Stopper (for safety during deep dives)
  • 20 feet of line (for rafting up to other buoys)

Advanced Gear

Our gear's production lifecycle
We buy from the factories that make the best gear.
No Brand
The factories we buy from are "OEMs" (original equipment manufacturers), meaning they make the gear that brands later put their labels on. By buying direct from the OEM, we get the gear before it passes into the hands of a brand.
No Exclusive Distributor
Many brands sell through "exclusive distributors", especially in the US. This reduces their risk by letting them unload a large quantity of product, but gives the exclusive distributor a monopoly which you end up paying for.
No Dive Shop
Many scuba diving shops treat their classes as "loss leaders" for gear sales. This means gear in scuba shops usually has very high markups.
We bypass the brands, exclusive distributors and dive shops, and sell directly to you.
Refunds and returns
If you choose "pick up at dive day": you can try on everything, and return or exchange anything you don't want, before you get in the water.

If you are a Fins and Foam student, you can exchange a mask even after you wear it into the water. Mask fit is really important!

If you choose "ship", you can return or exchange (unused) items within 30 days.
Questions about items in the store?
Feel free to ask us anything.