The best dive computer for freediving

  • Audible
    There is no time to look at a watch while you are underwater, so a good freediving computer uses sound to let you know where you are in your dive.
  • Mobile sync
    Modern freediving computers sync their data wirelessly with your phone, so you can see (and share) your dives using their companion mobile app.
Top pick: the Divebud
The Divebud is a new generation of audio-first freediving computer developed here in the Bay Area.

Traditionally freedivers copied scuba divers and wore a watch underwater. The visual features of the watch were pretty useless because nobody wants to look at a watch underwater while they are freediving. So they tended to use the programmable audio alarms for time and depth. After struggling to hear the alarms, competitive freedivers started to tuck the watch inside their hood or wear it around their neck.

The Divebud upgrades these watches into the current decade, keeping the audio alarms front and center, but adding Bluetooth connection to a mobile app which beautifully displays your dives.