Freediving Master Course
Course Timeline
The Master Course consists of a virtual evening class, followed by a beginner ocean day, followed by an intermediate ocean day.
Evening Class

Evening class takes place virtually on a weeknight, 6-9pm, via Google Meet. You'll practice breath holding and ear equalizing, and learn about safety, the gear you need, and how our bodies respond to being underwater.

Beginner Ocean Day
Beginner ocean days take place on Saturdays at San Carlos beach in Monterey. The focus is on getting started at your own pace, getting comfortable underwater, learning skills like equalization, breathing and duck-diving, and putting them all together into complete freedives.
Intermediate Ocean Day
Intermediate ocean days take place on Saturdays at San Carlos beach in Monterey. The focus is on more advanced skills like hydrodynamics and freefall, and also learning to train on your own, with rigorous attention to the protocols for keeping yourself and your buddies safe in confined and open water.
AIDA 2* (Intermediate Freediver) and AIDA 3* (Advanced Freediver) certifications are available with this course.
  • John Prins
    Instructor, Fins and Foam Freediving
    You don't need any experience to join this class. You don't need to be athletic or a strong swimmer. The emphasis is on safety and learning to freedive at your own pace.
Course Highlights
3:1 instructor-student ratio
We keep ocean classes small so you get lots of dive time and attention.
8 hours of ocean time
This course has the most ocean time of any Freediving course from any school.
5 star reviews
Our course has all five star reviews on Google Maps and Yelp.
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