at Lake Berryessa

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Johnny Sunnex's Deep Camp

Fri Oct 13 - Sun Oct 15

Freediving at Lake Berryessa, aka the "Test Tube". Lake Berryessa is the best place in Northern California for deep freediving training. It is very calm, with no currents or swell. The top layer is warm, with crystal clear water below.
Typical Social Dive Schedule
Get ready on shore
1:30pm - 3:30pm
1:30pm - 3:30pm
4pm - 6pm
4pm - 6pm
Food and drinks at the Berryessa Gap Winery
  • 1
    Freedive for fun
    Bring your own buoy or borrow one of ours. Explore the depths of Lake Berryessa with other freedivers.
  • 2
    Master Class
    Take a Level 4 (Master) freediving class with John and Bizo. We will focus on freefall, mouthfill, FRCs, deep safety & rescue, and diving 100+ feet. Class starts at 8am and ends at the same time as the social diving (4pm), followed by food and drinks at the Berryessa Gap winery.
Feel free to message me (John) if it is your first time diving here and you would like help finding the spot, or you want coaching, or if you are not a certified freediver but would still like to join us.
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