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The best mask for freediving

The most important quality of a good mask is that it fits your face well. If you have the inclination, I recommend ordering a few masks online with free returns, and trying them all on until you find the one that fits best, then returning the rest. If you want a single mask that will probably fit your face well, order the Fins and Foam mask. You can try it on at any dive day and return it if it doesn't fit, but it probably will be ok.
  • Good fit
    If you place the mask against your face and inhale gently, it should stay in place. You should also be able to easily pinch your nose through the mask.
  • Low volume
    There should be as little space as possible between the mask and your face. A large space will compress under pressure, pressing the mask uncomfortably against your face and requiring you to waste air equalizing the mask that you could have otherwise used to equalize your ears.
  • Flexible skirt
    A good freediving mask should have a flexible skirt (the skirt is the silicone that touches your face). Too rigid, and it will not form a good seal. Newer masks tend to be made of more flexible silicone, whereas older snorkelling masks are made of tough rubber and often don't seal well.
Best budget pick: the Fins & Foam mask
The key reason I picked this mask for the Fins & Foam store is its fit. It fits both Asian and European faces well and has solved the problem of mask fit for hundreds of Fins and Foam Freediving students in the past.

In addition to that, it is very low volume, has a flexible skirt, and is designed specifically for freediving. It mimics the most popular mask in deep freediving, the Aqualung Sphera. Its curved plastic lenses compress easily against your face when you dive down, meaning you don't have to spend much air on equalizing it.
Upgrade pick: the Mares Viper
39 + shipping
The Mares Viper is not as low volume as the Fins and Foam mask, but still fairly low volume, and it has tempered glass lenses. This means it is scratch resistant and provides an undistorted field of view. For this reason, it is a favorite of spearfishers, freediving instructors and other people who are out in the water very frequently but not diving too deep.
Classic pick: the Aqualung Sphera
The original deep freediving mask. Very low volume, with flexible silicone and curved plastic lenses which allow the mask to compress comfortably against your face when you dive deeper without wasting unneccesary air on equalization.

A lot of copies of this mask now exist (such as the Fins & Foam mask) so it now costs too much to be our top pick.