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The best snorkel for freediving in Northern California

You can't go too wrong with the snorkel you buy, and it won't be a deal breaker for a dive day. Although many freedivers (especially in calmer, tropical waters) prefer an open-top snorkel for better airflow, I personally recommend you get a "dry" snorkel if you are getting into the Pacific ocean.
  • Dry
    Open-top snorkels are appropriate in calm conditions, like lakes, but for the Pacific ocean, a dry-top snorkel which provides protection from waves is a safer choice.
  • Easy to unclip
    The best snorkels unclip easily from your mask, allowing you to store your mask in a case after every dive, which extends its life. For unclipping, a hinged mechanism is better than a static clip.
Fins and Foam snorkel
The Fins and Foam snorkel is a high quality, durable snorkel with a dry top for protection from waves.

It also has a feature which many snorkels don't have - a hinged snorkel keeper, which makes it much easier than most snorkels to clip and unclip from the mask. This makes it easier to store your mask in its own case after a dive, extending the life of your mask.
Riffe Stable snorkel
The Riffe Stable snorkel has a dry top, a hinged snorkel keeper, and is well-known for being particularly easy to clear of water.