Rescue by the surface safety
Compare their dive time to your estimate, and take cues from the line (lanyard moving? any sharp tugs?) to decide if something is wrong.
  • Retrieval
    • Stay on the surface.
    • Let everyone know there is a problem (yell to the other buoys, etc).
    • Start pulling up the rope. Put your foot on the carabiner above the pulley, and pull the rope through the pulley.
    • If there is a 3rd person on your buoy, or someone else around, they can dive down to help retrieve the diver.
    • Once the diver is on the surface, release their weight belt.
  • Revival
    Use the standard rescue procedure that you learned in class:
    • Remove their mask.
    • Blow air across their eyelids, tap their cheeks (without splashing them), and say their name and the word "Breathe!"
    • After 15 seconds, if they don't respond, begin rescue breaths (mouth to nose).
    • There are emergency 100% oxygen canisters available in the mooring buoys. You can inhale from these before performing your rescue breaths.
    • If the diver remains unresponsive: tow them to shore and evacuate them up the path.